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exhibitions & events 2014

Dominic Snyder

Dominic Snyder
Glasgow Print Studio, Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 4th – 27th April

Preview: Thursday 3rd April (Trongate 103, 1st Thurs)

Dominic Snyder’s recent work over the last two years has been sourcing movement and dance through directly observed experimental and free flowing drawing.

This has been a significant shift in his previous approach, which has led to many new developments and possibilities for his work. Drawings have been translated into fine art prints, using mainly drypoint and screenprint. He has also engaged in creative processes which are new to him. He has used his drawing as a means to not only observe and record, but also to interact with movers in a performative way. 3-D translations of the drawings have been developed, initially through small wire maquettes and then working towards large scale aluminium wire sculptures.

This latter work has been in the context of short residencies and performances with creative partner, contemporary dancer Penny Chivas, with whom Dominic has created the Snyver Project. Some of this work shall be represented through installation and scheduled live performance as part of the presentation at the GPS Gallery.

Image: Dominic Snyder, '@TheGlasgowJam', screenprint.


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