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Environmental Sustainability and Carbon Management

Our Commitment

Glasgow Print Studio is committed to environmental sustainability and reducing any negative environmental impact our activities may have. We have an Environment and Carbon Management Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions and support sustainable initiatives. 

GPS promotes environmental awareness and encourages others to limit pollution and save energy. The benefits we see from becoming greener will help our environment both locally and globally.

GPS recognises its responsibilities under Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2019 and the commitment to becoming a net-zero society by 2045.

GPS submits its carbon management plan to Creative Carbon Scotland and reports annually on carbon emissions.


Pathway to Zero

GPS is committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2045 and has produced a carbon management plan to help us achieve this. Utilities are the main source of our emissions and therefore the key area that we will be focussing on, with the replacement of strip lights with more energy efficient LEDs a priority. We began this process in 2020 when the lighting was replaced in the gallery spaces, and we plan to make the same changes across the office and workshop spaces.

Our action plan has targeted savings of 5 tonnes CO2e (30%) by 2025 from electricity, waste and travel. We will work to mitigate emissions related to heating and will make positive procurement choices to reduce emissions from goods and services purchased.


Read more about our activities in the Green Team newsletter here.

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