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exhibitions & events 2017

Sara Alonso

Sara Alonso
Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 8th September - 1st October

Preview: Thursday 7th September (Tronage 103 First Thursday)

“Kid Wonder” is a song composed by the Scottish songwriter Marcus Doo. The lyrics inspired Sara Alonso to make this illustrated book that is now being self published as a collaboration between both artists. The book will also contain a digital code to download the song. With this, the artists see the book, like a vinyl, as a beautiful object to keep in the future, and an alternative way to distribute music, contributing to the importance of the story.

“Kid Wonder” is the story of a man during the last days of his life. Surrounded by the thoughts of his childhood in the shape of an invisible super-hero cape, he reconciles with his past understanding and accepting his inevitable death.

In the making of the book, Sara puts herself in the shoes of an adult that sees the world through the eyes of a child. Accomplishing each page of the book without previous sketches, drawing from memory, just like a kid would do. This gives a wild sense of order to the prints. To obtain the mark making of a child, Sara uses lithography (biro pen on reclaimed polyester plate) and collagraph, making plates out of egg-boxes and found cardboard.

Sara Alonso
b. 1981, Spain, lives and works in Glasgow

With a background in Communications and Design, Sara completed her MLitt in Fine Art Practice -  Print Media in the Glasgow School of Art, 2015. The same year she joined the Glasgow Print Studio where she continues her practice in printmaking.

Not to be labelled as a master of a single technique, but a continuous apprentice of all, Sara takes every body of work as a new opportunity to learn traditional print processes and experiment with new methods, technologies and materials in mark making. Her methodology is now focused on breaking the two-dimensionality of the paper and its relation with the wall, to serve as a visual expression of a given narrative.

Listen to “Kid Wonder”:

Image: Sara Alonso, “Kid Wonder”, lithograph and collagraph, 30.5 x 30.5 cm.


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