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exhibitions & events 2012

Academicians II

Academicians II
Glasgow Print Studio, First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 1st November - 2nd December 2012

Preview: Friday 9th November 6pm - 8pm 2012

Norman Ackroyd RA
Norman Ackroyd RA has developed a distinctive and highly skilled use of aquatint, giving his atmospheric etchings a highly individual quality. His subject is the landscape and in particular the wilder landscapes of mountains and shore to be found in the Lake District and the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

John Byrne RSA
Contemporary Renaissance man, John Byrne has been working with Glasgow Print Studio since the 1970s creating witty yet astute etchings, screenprints, monoprints and lithographs. He is one of the most accomplished painters in Scotland, known in particular for his portraits that hang in many public galleries, and also for his work in a faux naìˆve style under the pseudonym, ‘Patrick’.

Chris Orr RA
Renowned for his technical mastery of printmaking, Chris Orr has explored the rich qualities that the various methods offer, from the luscious visceral and painterly qualities of lithography to the incisive and descriptive nature of etching. Strong visual sources allude to both literary and historical ideas. He is a narrative artist and the telling of stories is his business.

Philip Reeves RSA
Philip Reeves works in a style of modern expressive abstraction, which is confidently conceived by experimentation with the process of intaglio printmaking and through collage. Although outwardly abstract he often is inspired by figuration including the landscape and the high-rise tower blocks that dominate our cities. He frequently employs found objects as printing plates and in his collage works included in this exhibition.

Image: John Byrne, "The American Boy", lithograph, hand coloured, 90 x 78 cm.


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