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GPS Reopen

GPS Etching & Relief Areas - Covid-19 Practice

Work under the assumption that surfaces and people are carrying the virus - look after yourselves and work with others to keep a safe distance.


•  Enter through GPS King Street entrance and wait at the top of stairs until a member of staff can take your temperature and sign you into workshop. If you have access requirements for lifts etc., please ask a member of staff

•  Keep the 2m distance between people where possible

•  Lifts and toilets have only one person using at a time

•  Keep left on the stairs

•  Wear masks. You must wear a mask anytime you are moving through the building or workshop (unless you can’t for health reasons - please let me know) or are closer than 2m to anyone

•  Choose a space in drawing up area (etchers) or relief area (relief folk) to keep your belongings (lock valuables in kitchen lockers)


•  Keep a 2m distance whilst having lunch/break

•  Please note maximum of 6 members in kitchen area at any time

•  Wipe down any surfaces/area touched

•  No kettle or microwave, bring flask and lunch


Clean Room:

•  2 people max in the clean room

•  Wipe down surfaces with anti-bac wipes prior to use

•  Wipe down drawer handles and steel rulers before and after use


Paper Bath/Blotting:

•  2 metres distancing and staggered use

•  Only 1 person at the bath at a time

•  Washing/sanitising hands at each stage, many things such as dryingboards are not disinfected

•  Do not touch blankets or blotters with bare hands,use paper fingers

•  Each member must have individual acetate sheets on top of blotters

GPS Reopen


•  Max 1 member can use the Rochat press. Intensive editioning only (book Rae press/access all areas if you would like to do processes then proof)

•  Max 1 person on the Takach, try book for intensive editioning only - if you only require drawing up area and acid room please book Rae/access all areas slot

•  Up to 3 people on Rae proofing pressanduse of full etching facilities (book this if just needing acid room/drawing up area or if you would like to proof a plate)

•  Clean press handles before and after use


Inking up:

•  All equipment, (incsolvent bottles, squeegees, pallet knives etc) to be clean with anti-bac before and after use by member

•  Rags. Staff will provide you with clean rags at start of session. We can not share partially used rags for the time being. Put used rags in metal box at session end.

Drying Racks:

•  Each Press has an allocated row of drying racks

•  Personal sponges and bowls for gum strip

•  Staff will take off youprint the following day and will place them into your drawer or a wire rack. Pick-ups to be arranged with a member of staff

•  Boards andracks not disinfected, please wash your hands thoroughly EVERY TIME before and after touching racks/boards

Acid Room:

•  Max of 2 people in acid room at dany one time

•  Sturdy gloves sold by GPS to be purchased by each member to use in acid instead of shared gauntlets/gloves

•  Shared respirators/masks no longer available for use. Members to purchase own mask from GPS

•  Shared paintbrushes for varnishes removed, please bring your own

•  Please wipe hard/soft ground rollers with anti bacwipes before and after use and wash hands thoroughly after use.



GPS Reopen

Members Tool Kit - Please Always Bring:

•  Paint brushes - communal use brushes will no longer be available

•  Etching needles, scraper burnisher, other tools for making plates

•  Scrim

•  Scissors

•  Craft Knife

•  Masking tape

•  Double sided tape

•  Brown tape

•  Containers for mixing new inks etc.

•  Ruler (although steel rulers still available)

•  Pencils/pens

•  Spatulas/mixing knives

•  Any other artist items you may need to use on any booked session



Drying of Prints

Please take dry prints away with you at the end of the day. If not possible please arrange with member of staff to have them put into your drawer to be collected at a later date. If you don’t have a drawer please let member of staff know on the day which day you would like to collect. Prints will be put in safe collection zone.



Collection of Prints and Queries

Please do not come to GPS without an appointment at any time, even if it’s just to collect dried prints or get something from clean room. Numbers are strictly limited in the workshop space. We are still working out how phone queries and arranging collection times will work with reduced numbers of staff.

I will be in 2 days a week and will endeavour to reply to requests via email within 48 hours. You can also phone 0141 559 6911 and if there is a staff member free, we will be able to answer your query and arrange collection times.

Please be aware you may not be able to collect your prints the next day. We will update everyone on this system in the following weeks as we improve it.

All the best,


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