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McLean, Bruce

McLean's work parodies human conditions and relations and the ability to communicate. He took up painting in the eighties after his career as a sculptor and performance artist, moving on to monumental architectural projects and film with the ever-recurring theme being how humans behave amidst architectural and social space. McLean combines humour with a satirical view of both the art world and established art forms. Though he uses multiform concepts, McLean has constructed a consistent and recognisable body of work, faithful to his critical philosophy. However, he refuses the confinements of what could be called a 'personal style'.

Bruce McLean is one of the major figures of contemporary British Art. Studying at Glasgow school of art and Central St. Martin's in London, later teaching at the Slade School of Art. Bruce Mclean has obtained international recognition for his paintings and prints, work with film, theatre and books; his bold and confident approach to printmaking has proved influential to his contemporaries and also to a generation of younger artists.

His work is held in private and public collections world wide, including The Tate Gallery, Modern Art Gallery in Vienna, the Arnolfini, and The Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

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