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MacKechnie, John

Since 1984 Mackechnie has been the Director of the Glasgow Print Studio and has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. In recent years he has exhibited in Norway, Brussels, London, Glasgow, USA and India. Mackechnie has work in a number of prestigious public collections including; Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Glasgow Museums and Art Galleries, Glasgow and McManus Art Gallery, Dundee.

One of the first things that one notices about John Mackechnie's artistic output over the years is its consistency and its quality. It is very rare for an artist to find his vision, subject matter and mode of expression so early on in his career. And having done so to stick to the straight and narrow - to avoid the allure of passing fashionable trends and yet learn from them. To remain open minded, broad minded and totally respectful of all other artists whose vision, subject matter and mode of expression differ from that of his own.

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