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about the workshop

Glasgow Print Studio’s open access printmaker’s workshop is hub of activity. The eclectic, inspirational welcoming atmosphere promotes experimentation and innovation as well as a particularly high standard of production.

The workshop is run by an experienced staff of expert artist printmakers who can provide guidance and technical advice on all aspects of printmaking.

Membership must be applied for and approved by the workshop manager to access facilities.

Glasgow Print Studio can also provide services to artists for project based work (see Publishing & Projects).

For more information contact:

Claire Forsyth
Workshop Manager
0141 552 0704

Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Thursday 10am - 9pm
Friday - Saturday 10am - 5.30pm


Intaglio workshop

Facilities for steel, copper and zinc etching; engraving; photo etching and monotype.
Takach motorised etching press 42" wide.
2 x Rochat etching press 26" wide.

Relief print workshop

Facilities for wood engraving and wood/lino cutting.
Columbian Eagle press 24" x 36".
Bewick and Wilson "Clydesdale" motorised press 42" wide.

Screenprint workshop

Facilities for autographic, photographic and mono screenprinting.
Kippax vacuum table 44" x 56".
Kippax vacuum table 44" x 56".
McCormack vacuum table 58" x 83".
60" x 80" printdown frame with 3kw metal halide light source.

Digital imaging and print suite.

1 x 27" iMac Intel desktop computer
2 x 21" iMac Intel desktop computer
1 x large format (64") Epson 11880 inkjet printer
1 x large format (44") Epson 9600 inkjet printer
1 x large format (44") Epson 9880 inkjet printer
1 x A4 flatbed scanner + transparency adapter

For workshop members experience of digital processes is a requirement to use this facility, however also introductory classes can be arranged.